Website Live Today…Announcement Letter

We are excited to announce the launch of our business on this homepage, Twitter, and on this website:

As a team we have been building towards this for some time. What better time to give thanks than the night before Thanksgiving!

Please share our page, our Twitter, and our website with as many friends and family as you can…

IHV Welcome Letter

InHomeVest is Your Home Remodeling Connection

The team at InHomeVest is proud to announce the launch of our customer focused remodeling website. If you are looking for a remodeling connection and want to have some work done on your home…we want to be the team you look too.

InHomeVest will not be a statewide machine. We won’t be looking to grow our business outside of Bexar County. We want to stay local. We know San Antonio, we understand the remodeling and financing market, and we want to share that information with you.

We want to…

  • Help you create the home you can be proud of.
  • Connect you with people you can trust.
  • Save you money, time, and confusion.

We want to be a trusted resource and build a relationship for life!

What makes us different?

  1. We will not charge you for any referral.
  2. Our contractors are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Our contractors have legitimate and professional financing partnerships.
  4. We will NEVER sell your information to any 3rd party. You will receive no more than 2 contacts as a result of using our website.
  5. Unlike Angie’s List, we will not charge you to log into our system. You can use our information for FREE.

How does InHomeVest know about the quality of contractors?

  1. The leadership team at InHomeVest has been in the remodeling and finance business for 15+ years.
  2. We have worked at or with most of the top-notch remodelers in town.
  3. We have financed the clients of the top local remodelers. We know how they handle their financing processes.
  4. We know the track record of our contractors and the quality of their work because we have seen the product first hand.
  5. Having financed their work, seen them behind the scenes, we know who to trust and who not too.

All we ask it that you take a look at the site and give us a chance. We will connect you with the best in Bexar County and San Antonio. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and offer any feedback on how we can make the site better and make your life easier.