Aluminum Windows

Why Choose Aluminum Over Other Window Types

Aluminum windows made their place in the window market as a low-cost alternative to wood and vinyl windows. Most homeowners gloss over the other built-in advantages of aluminum windows.

  • Durability.  They resist splitting, shrinking, cracking, swelling, and rust.
  • Strength.  Aluminum windows are also three times as strong as vinyl and more than forty times as strong as wood.
  • Protection.  While this strength protects windows from high winds and other inclement weather, it also increases the window space and allows for greater design versatility.
  • Options.  Aluminum can be any color and will match any color scheme or design of your home, enhancing its curb appeal.  Its strength easily allows for any shape and size of arched or regular window.
  • Noise Abatement.  Aluminum also outperforms both wood and vinyl windows at noise abatement.  Windows are usually the easiest area in a room for sound to travel.
  • The most notable disadvantage of aluminum windows is not the bland or metallic appearance but the high heat and cold conduction rate.